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Shameless computer nerd, and proud of it, this is my page. It contains my poor efforts at displaying the fruits of some of my hobbies: folk-singing, liqueur-making, collecting playing cards, films, and now costuming.

[Gunther with a guitar]First and foremost, here is V - The Fifth Edition, my great singing resource.  Contained within are the lyrics to over a thousand songs that I felt were singable enough to bring to folk-singing. Please feel free to make suggestions, corrections, requests, and any other kind of thing you gotta say.  I may not take any advice you offer, but I'll almost always reply.

[Liqueur-making]One of my more popular hobbies (among my friends, anyway) is making liqueurs at home. For a treatise on that topic, including recipes, techniques, tools and other topics of interest to the liqueur-maker, see Liqueur Making. I've included a few dozen recipes from books, my experiences, and even other correspondents.  Consistently one of the most popular flavors we make is Cranberry Liqueur, so I've included a detailed, step-by-step recipe, intended to be used as a sort of tutorial.  Dive in, and start experimenting.  And if you come up with anything really tasty, be sure to let me know, and I'll be happy to put your recipe up as well.

[Keys to the Kindom Joker]I am also an avid, if cheap, collector of playing cards. I can't afford the serious, expensive, antique decks, so I get by collecting all the current, modern decks I can find. As of the last time I updated this page, I had well over 1000 decks of cards. Instead of trying to catalog and display all of them on line (an archive that would occupy a gigabyte or more), I have instead created a irregularly published "magazine," in which I showcase a handful of decks of a particular theme. The current issue can always be found here. Under that link can also be found back issues, the catalog of my collection, the list of card manufacturers I've been able to identify, and some other random playing-card related things.  The magazine has been somewhat less frequently updated recently, but I may yet get back to my original bi-monthly schedule.

I'm less of a collector, but no less an admirer, of fine film. Here's my list of all the Movies I own, or want to own, and a short paper in praise of my old film analysis professor, Mark Miller.

[2001: A Space Odyssey costume]And, largely due to the insidious influence of Donna M. Dubé, my significant other and Master costumer in her own right, I have recently begun dabbling in science fiction convention costuming.  My initial efforts have met with some success, garnering me Best In Show at Balticon in 2001 (on my own) and 2002 (collaborating with Donna). In the costuming section you'll find pictures as well as technical discussions of the engineering.

Just for kicks, here's a copy of the horoscope charting I had done years ago (all the way back in April of 1996) at Tim Motika's horoscope server. In his infinite kindness, he provided a WWW interface to Astrolog 5.05, including a terse interpretation section after all the numbers. Alas, it seems that his account at has gone away.

A picture of my cat
And of course, my cat, Keisha. 1990-2006.

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