Costuming for Science Fiction Conventions

In great measure because of Donna M. Dubé, my significant other, I am now a Costumer.  I've won two Best In Show awards at consecutive Balticons, and taken Best In Class (Journeyman) at the 2001 WorldCon.  I can no longer claim to be a novice or a dilettante.  Donna is a Master Costumer according to the rules of the International Costumers' Guild, and I benefit greatly from her vast knowledge about the craft.  I'm now a Journeyman, and together she and I produce some wonderful things.

However, it's probably fair to say that it was a foregone conclusion that I would eventually succumb to the hobby.  Donna's insidious influence had kept me immersed, if not involved, in the culture, as she has been creating and competing costumes for a vey long time, and has also run the Masquerade at Arisia (a convention in the Boston area) for the past several years, even roping me into being her assistant once or twice.  I have seen many wonderful costumes, and got to see in detail both how costumes go together, and how competitions (which are called Masquerades in an effort to confuse newcomers) work.  So it might be said that I had a small advantage.

For my very first costume, though, Donna and I had to be careful to rein in that advantage.  When we work on a costume together, we have to compete it at the highest level either of us has achieved: Master in this case.  For my first competition costume, I wanted to work as a Novice, and to prove myself on my own, so we were careful to make sure that Donna didn't lift a finger helping me (except to teach me the operation of the sewing machine).  Kibitzing she did, and some of her advice I even took (though, much to her consternation, it was not the majority offered).  Watching me flail with my own costume was enough to make her have to make one herself, so she wouldn't have to just sit and watch me butcher mine.

But now that I've cut my teeth alone, we're free to work together.  And let me assure you, we're scary together.

So anyway, here are my costumes.  Currently, there are but four - a few hall costumes I've made over the years, my very own one from 2001, and our collaboration from 2002.  But rest assured, there will be more.

Rene Magritte Hall Costume

Mardi Gras Hall Costume

Full Circle (2001: A Space Odyssey)

Alice In WonderBra

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Updated June 12, 2002