ARTIST: Van Morrison
TITLE: Wild Night
Lyrics and Chords

As you brush your shoes, stand before the mirror
And you comb your hair, grab your coat and hat
And you walk wet streets tryin' to remember
All the wild night breezes in your mem'ry ever

/ Em - G - / / Em - G Em / C D G - / 

And everything looks so complete
When you're walkin' out on the street
And the wind catches your feet
Sends you flyin', cryin'
Ooo-woo-wee, wild night is calling
Ooo-ooh-wee, wild night is calling

/ Em C / / / D - / Em C D Em C D G - / /

And all the girls walk by dressed up for each other
And the boys do the boogie-woogie on the corner of the street
And the people, passin' by stare in wild wonder
And the inside juke-box roars out just like thunder


The wild night is calling
The wild night is calling

/ Em - G - / /

Come on out and dance
Whoa, come on out and make romance
Come on out and dance
Come on out, make romance

/ Em - / G - / C / D G - /

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