ARTIST: Journey
TITLE: Who's Crying Now
Lyrics and Chords

It's been a mystery, and still they try to see
Why somethin' good can hurt so bad
Caught on a one-way street, the taste of bittersweet
Love will survive somehow some way

/ AmG AmG Fmaj7 - / Dm Em AmG Am / :

One love feeds the fire, one heart burns desire
I wonder, who's cryin' now
Two hearts born to run, who'll be the lonely one
I wonder, who's crying now

So many stormy nights, so many wrong-or-rights
Neither could change their headstrong ways
And in a lover's rage, they turn another page
The fightin' is worth the love they say


Only so many tears you can cry
'Til the heartache is over
And now you can say your love
Will never die

/ F Dm Am - / F Dm / C G Bb - / AmG Am /


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