ARTIST: Gunther Anderson and Donna Dubé
TITLE: What Aren't You Telling Me
Lyrics and Chords

[12-Bar Blues in G]

What aren't you telling me
I say, what aren't you telling me
Careful words they're all I've heard
But in your eyes it's plain to see
You don't want to lie or make me cry
What aren't you telling me

/ G - / G7 - / C - / G - / D C / G - /

You come home at night, you don't say a word
About what you did today
We sit around and watch TV
Without anything to say
Who's gonna tell you when I finally go
That I've gone away


You won't say you love me, it's not your style
I guess I'm supposed to know
When you hold me in your arms
Sometimes it's oh so cold
You say good night, turn out the light
I might as well be alone


When we fight your lips get tight
You won't even look at me
I pour out my heart through burning tears
I need you to fight for me
But you won't give, and I got nothing left
Your heart is breaking me


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