ARTIST: Randy Edelman
TITLE: Weekend in New England
Lyrics and Chords

[As performed by Barry Manilow]

Last night, I waved goodbye, now it seems years
I'm back in the city, where nothin' is clear
But thoughts of me holdin' you, bringin' us near, and tell me

/ C Em Fmaj7 G / / F C Dm7 G7 /

When will our eyes meet
When can I touch you
When will this strong yearnin' end
And when will I hold you again

/ C Dm7 / / C Dm7 Am D7 / Dm7 G7 C Dm7 - C /

Time in New England, took me away
Long rocky beaches and you by the bay
We started a story whose end must now wait, and tell me


... / Dm7 G7 C /

I feel the change comin', I feel the wind blow
I feel brave and daring, I feel my blood flow, oh
With you I could bring out all the love that I have
With you there's a heaven, so earth ain't so bad, and tell me

/ C Dm7 C Dm7 / C Dm7 Am FC / F C Dm7 C / F C Dm7 G7 / 



/ C Dm7 C - /

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