ARTIST: Stephen Lawrence and Shelley Miller
TITLE: When We Grow Up
Lyrics and Chords

[Free to Be You and Me]

[Performed by Diana Ross]

When we grow up will I be pretty
Will you be big and strong
Will I wear dresses that show off my knees
Will you wear trousers twice as long

/ D Dsus4 D Dsus4 / / / /

Well, I don't care if I'm pretty at all
And I don't care if you never get tall
I like what I look like and you're nice small
We don't have to change at all

/ Am7 G D - / / G D EmA D7 / G A D - /

Hey, when we grow up, will I be a lady
Will you be an engineer
If I have to wear things like perfume and gloves
I can still pull the whistle while you steer


[Modulate up 1/2 step]

When I grow up, I'm gonna be happy
And do what I like to do
Like makin' noise, and makin' faces
And makin' friends like you

And when we grow up, do you think we'll see
That I'm still like you, and you're still like me
I might be pretty, you might grow tall
But we don't have to change at all

I don't want to change, see, 'cause
I still want to be your friend
For ever and ever and ever

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