ARTIST: The Zombies
TITLE: Time of the Season
Lyrics and Chords

It's the time of the season
When the love runs high
In this time give it to me easy
And let me try with pleasured hands
To take you in the sun to promised lands
To show you everyone
It's the time of the season for loving

/ Em - - - / C - Em - / 1st / 2nd / 
    / G - Em - / G - Em EmD / C - Gmaj7 - Am E - - /

What's your name? What's your name
Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy
He rich - Is he rich like me?
Has he taken - Has he taken
Any time - Any time
To show - To show you what you need to live
Tell it to me slowly - Tell you why
I really want to know
It's the time...

{Repeat last verse}

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