ARTIST: Susan Werner
TITLE: Time Between Trains
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 4]

I'm waitin' at the station
I can choose my destination
I'm a free soul, I got no chains
But it's a long time between trains

/ D Em / A D / :

I took a long nap, I read a whole book
I got nice legs, I got decent looks
And I'm not one who complains
But it's a long time between trains

And who'd have thought it all those years
That I would find myself back here
Feelin' restless and ignored
Starin' at the schedule board
Wonderin' why the fates above
Always route love through Miami

/ A AG D - / / A AG / D - / E - / A - D - /

And somewhere lovers smile their smiles
While I count the ceiling tiles
And well give or take a few
There's one thousand fifty-two
But that depends if you include
The eighty-eight out in the hall

Yes I'm waitin' at the station
With my old friend sublimation
You know the Wright boys designed planes
Must have been a long time between trains

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