ARTIST: Leon Russell
TITLE: Tightrope
Lyrics and Chords

I'm up on the tightwire 
One side's ice and one is fire 
It's a circus game with you and me 
I'm up on the tightrope 
One side's hate and one is hope 
But the top hat on my head is all you see 

/ Em7 - / Am7 - / C G F#m7 B7 / 1st, 2nd / C G D - /

And the wire seems to be the only place for me 
A comedy of errors and I'm falling 

/ Bm - Em - / Bm - C - /

Like a rubber-neck giraffe you look into my past 
Well maybe you're just too blind to see 

/ G D Em D / C - B7 - /

I'm up in the spotlight 
Oh, does it feel right 
Oh, the altitude seems to get to me 
I'm up on the tightwire 
Flanked by life and the funeral pyre 
Putting on a show for you to see

Interlude: / Bm - Em - / Bm - C - /


{Repeat last verse}

/ Fade with verse chords /

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