ARTIST: Romanovsky and Phillips
TITLE: The Woman Next Door
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 2]

Have you met the woman next door?
I see her sometimes at the grocery store
She never says much, she's rather withdrawn
But she always will tell you
Yes she always will say
That nothing is wrong

/ D - - - / D - Em A / Em A D / G A / / D - - - /

Have you talked to the woman next door?
She has a young boy who just turned four
And a husband who works in an office downtown
She acts kind of nervous
Yes she seems afraid
When he's around

Have you seen the woman next door?
She looks as if she's been through a war
A bruise on her arm and a scar on her face
I asked her a question
Yes I asked how it happened
But she wouldn't say

Last night I heard the woman next door
Desperate cries that I couldn't ignore
She was pleading with him to leave her alone
I was trembling with fear as I picked up the phone
And I hoped and I prayed that she would survive
As I waited on edge for help to arrive
And I thought of her son and I wished that her screams
Wouldn't find their way into his innocent dreams
Ooh, ooh

/ D - / D6 D7 / G Gm / A A7 Bm - / D - / D6 D7 / 
   / G Gm / A A7 Bm - / G A Bm - G A D - /

Have you met the woman next door?
She needs compassion and support
She's finally safe now alone with her son
But the process of healing
Yes the long night of healing
Has just begun

Ooh, ooh

/ G A Bm - G A D - /

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