ARTIST: Peter Mayer
TITLE: The Play
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 4]

When I go outside at night, and look up and the stars are bright
Sometimes I lay on the ground and imagine that the sky is down
And if the earth should then let go, I'd fall into the stars below
Fall into the stars below

/ D A Bm7 G / Bm A G - / :

And when I see the red sunset in its quiet splendor, I reflect that
The sun's not going down at all, but the earth is turning somersaults
And through a sunlit sea it trails, and we are on that great big whale
We're riding on that great big whale

When I try to grasp the simple fact of this existence
And think of all the fantasies, fairy tales and wishes
None strike me as more unlikely or magnificent than this is

/ Asus4 A Asus4 G / / / ( D A Bm7 G / / )

Hands and faces seen up close, galaxies through telescopes
Crimson hillsides in the fall, and more astounding than them all
Are pondering minds with eyes that see these are deep mysteries
Deep mysteries, mm


{As Refrain}
Like a strange, enchanting play of impossible dimensions
The setting and the stage run light years in all directions
And the breathless scenes and the story line defy comprehension

And when I think of all the roles in this production, all I know
Is I'm in the cast, but could it be, I'm also in a front row seat
To sit in my amazement, gazing, to ooh and ahh and sigh and say
My, what a wonderful play
My, my, my - my

... / Bm A G - / / ( D A Bm7 G / / )

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