ARTIST: Tom Payton
TITLE: The Moose Song
Lyrics and Chords

*When I was a young man I used to like girls
I'd tickle their bodies and play with their curls
Till my girlfriend ran off with a salesman named Bruce
Now you'd never be treated that way by a Moose

/ G D G - / G Em D - / Em Bm Am D / G - D G /

For it's moose! moose! I want a moose!
I have never had anything quite like a moose
Tho' I've had many women, my life has been loose
I have never had anything quite like a moose

When I'm in the mood for a very good lay
I go to the closet and get me some hay
And I go to the window and spread it around
For the mooses will come when there's hay on the ground


Oh I've done it with all sorts of beasties with hair
And I'd do it with snakes, if their fangs weren't there
Oh I've done it with llamas and sheepdogs and goose
I have never had anything quite like a moose


Well, gorillas are fun on a Saturday night
And lions and tigers can put up a fight
But it's just not the same when I ram their caboose
As the feeling I get when I jump on a moose


So now I am old and advanced in my years
When I look on my life I will shed me no tears
As I sit in my chair with a glass of Mateaus
Playing hide the salami with Marvin the Moose


* Additional verse is anonymous and traditional

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