ARTIST: Peter Mayer
TITLE: The Longest Night
Lyrics and Chords

[ Dsus4 = x00032 ]

Light a candle, sing a song
Say that the shadows shall not cross
Make an oblation out of all you've lost
In the longest night

/ E(IV) D A-Asus4-A E / / / C#m D E - /

Gather friends and cast your hopes
Into the fire as it snows
And stare at God through the dark windows
Of the longest night
Of the year

.. / Dsus4 - - - /

A night that seems like a lifetime
If you're waiting for the sun
So why not sing to the nighttime
And the burning stars up above?

/ E - F#m - / D A Bm D / 1st / D A E - /

Come with drums, bells and horns
Or come in silence, come forlorn
Come like a miner to the door
Of the longest night

For deep in the stillness, deep in the cold
Deep in the darkness, a miner knows
That there is a diamond in the soul
Of the longest night
Of the year


Maybe peace hides in a storm
Maybe winter's heart is warm
And maybe light itself is born
In the longest night
In the longest night

.. / C#m D E - / Dsus4 - - - / / - - A - /

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