ARTIST: The Mollys
TITLE: The Lang Town
Lyrics and Chords

I work for the pleasure of stopping
I stop for the pleasure of beer
I eat with me wife and a plate and a knife
And I line someone's pockets, I fear

/ D A G D / G D A - / D A D G / D A D - / 

Once I did love my dear Nelly
She loved me all I could wish
But now she has taken religion
She goes for that, I for this

Oh, the lang town of Kirkcaldy
In Fifeshire it does lie
It's here we work in the coal mine
And that we shall do 'til we die

/ D A G D / G - A - / D A G D / G A D - /

On the day of the match with England
To Glasgow we rode on the train
But how could we know what awaited
On returning home again

There was Maggie and Mary and Nell MacLeod
And the pastor, the old sassenach, who let us down
Now there'll be no more reason for gathering 'round
For they've taken the whiskey from the lang town

/ A - - - D - - - / / A - - - D - G - - - / A - - - D - - - /

Maggie she fears for me liver
Mary, she fears for me soul
And the pastor he fears for the commerce
That comes from the taking of coal

So all of this lot got together
And they voted the whiskey down
While the lads were out watching football
Temperance came to the town


Now some they may make great fortune
And some they may die in a pit
But the taste of the thing that goes into the mouth
Should lead to the swallowing of it

So all of us lads got together
And we stated our case without doubt
No man goes into the coal mine
'Til he's say of what goes in his mouth

{As Refrain}
There was Jackie, and Jimmy, and Will MacLeod
And the new man from Glasgow who gathered 'round
We're taking your coal mine and shutting it down
'Til you bring back the whiskey to the lang town

There was Maggie and Mary and Nell MacLeod
And the pastor, the old sassenach, who's come around
To keep his congregation, his reasoning is sound
And we've brought back the whiskey to the lang town

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