ARTIST: Eileen McGann
TITLE: The Knight of the Rose
Lyrics and Chords

I dreamed I saw a garden
A lady, she stood there
Green and white were her garments
A red rose in her hair
I said to her, "My lady
What do you do in here?"
She smiled and said, "Where would I be
But watching o'er my dear?
But watching o'er my dear, my love
But watching o'er my dear
She smiled and said where would I be
But watching o'er my dear?"

/ Cm Bb / - Cm / : / C Bb / - C / 
    / 1st, 2nd / Cm Bb / / 1st, 2nd / 

She gently took my hand then
Her glove was all white lace
And though we walked through garden paths
Her small feet left no trace
More lovely than the roses
More stately than the trees
And bloom and bough reached out to her
And danced upon the breeze...

We rested on a hanging bough
Secrets she revealed
Of a land where summer always shines
And wounded hearts are healed
Where sorrow never lingers
And nothing causes pain
Where heart's desire is heart's delight
Forever and again...

We walked again and mists arose
Her hand was cold in mine
When suddenly my mind was filled
With all I'd left behind
I cried, "Where do you lead me?"
Her eyes filled with despair
And softly then she disappeared
Into the fragranced air...

And so now I wander all alone
And never can find rest
For she took all my heart's content
Laid fire within my breast
No beauty can be rich now
Nor music can seem fair
Until I find my lady with
The red rose in her hair...

The red rose in her hair, my love...

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