ARTIST: Trad and Anon
TITLE: The Granite Mills
Lyrics and Chords

[As performed by Cordelia's Dad; Capo 5]

In this vain world of trouble many accidents occur
I'm going to sing about one as sad as you ever heard
It was in Fall River city they were all burned up and killed
Imprisoned in the factory known as the Granite Mills

/ Em DEm Em D / Em EmD EmD Em / :

Now it was my opinion, and it's my opinion still
They might all have been saved, had the truth been told
From the flames of the burning mills

/ Em DEm Em D / Em EmD / EmD Em /

The first scene was a cruel one, the girl so young in years
She was standing at the window and her eyes were bathed in tears
She was standing at the window as she called her mother's name
"Oh mother, mother, save me!" and she fell back in the flames


The next scene was a hard one, as she passed before my eyes
She was leaping out a window, down from the roof so high
With a crack, she fell down on the ground, she was bruised and burned and killed
Three hundred people lost their lives in the flames of the burning mill


One poor girl tried to escape by sliding down a rope
But when she got but halfway down, the burning strands, they broke
I hope her soul has gone to rest in a place that's dearer still
Above, above, in heaven above, far away from the burning mill


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