ARTIST: Tim Rice, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus
TITLE: The Deal
Lyrics and Chords


The American
Communist, democrat, an intriguing collusion
Fair exchange, tit for tat, comradeship in profusion
And the appeal, partner, of this deal, partner
Is we all stand to win, you and me, the lady also
Don't break her heart, partner, just be smart, partner
Let her think that her past is as pure as snow in Moscow

/ E D A G E D A G / / E - E7 - / - - E DA G /
   / E - E7 - / - - E DA G / 

Thank God we're so civilized
And our word can be our bond
We can turn this into friendship for life
And beyond

/ D - A - / E - B - / D - A - / D - E - /

The Russian
Refugee, total shit is how I've always seen us
Not a help, you'll admit, to agreement between us
There's no deal, partner, who's your real partner
Could there be just a chance that you've got some heavy clients

/ F# E B A F# E B A / E D A G E D A G / E - E7 - / - - E DA G /

The American (+ voice of Molokov)
That's not true, partner, how could you, partner
Think I'd want to pursue any deal but our alliance
The American on his own
How can you only think
Of your selfish ambition and not of her position
Or you'd rather perhaps see her world collapse
For a tin pot competition

/ F# - F#7 - / - - F# EB A /
   / A G D C / A G D CD C / Bsus4 - B Bsus4 / - A E D /

The Russian, spoken
There's no deal

/ E - - - /

The American
Silly boy, woman who he should not have let walk out
There's no hitch that we two can't untangle or talk out
And the appeal, partner, of this deal, partner
Is we both stand to win we'll bring back the golden era
Stick with me, honey, leave him be, honey
In return I know who'll tell you all they know in Moscow

/ E D A G E D A G / / E - E7 - / - - E DA G /
   / F# - F#7 - / - - F# EB A / 

Are you sick, are you mad
You still don't understand
Why I loathe you, why I left you

/ A G D C / A G / D CD C /

Florence and the Russian
Who'd ever think it
Such a squalid little ending
Watching him descending
Just as far as he can go
I'm learning things I didn't want to know

/ D Dsus2 / D GA / D Dsus2 / D Dsus2 Bm / - G A D - - DA /

Who'd ever guess it
This would be the situation
One more complication
Should be neither here nor there
I wish I had it in me not to care

... / Bm G A /

The Russian
Let him spill out his hate
'Til he knows he's deserted
There's no point wasting time
Preaching to the perverted

/ D C G F / / E D A G / /

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