ARTIST: Jerry Herman
TITLE: The Best of Times
Lyrics and Chords

[La Cage Aux Folles]

[ G+ = xx1003 ; Capo 4 ]

The best of times is now
What's left of summer but a faded rose
The best of times is now
As for tomorrow well, who knows, who knows, who knows

(D) / Em7 Em9 - A7 / D Dmaj7 D7 Em / Em9 - Em7 A7 / Dmaj7 D6 D A - / 

So hold this moment fast
And live and love as hard as you know how
And make this moment last
Because the best of times is now, is now, is now

/ Em7 - A7 - / D Dmaj7 D7 Em / Em7 - - A7 / D G D - / 

Now, not some forgotten yesterday
Now, tomorrow is too far away

/ G G+ G6 A7 F#m - - - / Bm Bm7 - E7 Em C A7D /

So hold this moment fast...

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