ARTIST: Paul Siebel
TITLE: The Ballad of Honest Sam
Lyrics and Chords

[As performed by Christopher Shaw]

There never was a bad man in the movies
That could lie and cheat like Honest Sam
And in the card room back up Louie's
He'd take the pay of the workin' man

/ C - Dm - / G - C - / :

So lay your cards on the table
And everybody show his hand
Foiled again, you sad-eyed losers
Foiled again by Honest Sam

/ G - C - / D - G - / C - Dm - / G - C - / 

Once there came a simple stranger
And he caught Sammy cheatin', words were said
Sam just winked at Joe the Strangler
And Joe, he shot that stranger dead


Sam, he lives up in a mansion
And he sails his ship out on the sea
And if the devil paid his ransom
I guess he paid for you and me

{Refrain twice}

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