ARTIST: Elton John
TITLE: Take Me to the Pilot
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 3]

If you feel that it's real I'm on trial
And I'm here in your prison
Like a coin in your mint
I am dented and I'm spent with high treason

/ A - A7 / GD A A7D / A - / G D A - /

Through a glass eye your throne
Is the one danger zone
Take me to the pilot for control
Take me to the pilot of your soul

/ C - / D - / F - Em - / AmG FC A - / 

Take me to the pilot
Lead me through the chamber
Take me to the pilot
I am but a stranger
Na na na, na na na...

/ AA7 / D / E / A / :

Well I know he's not old
And I'm told he's a virgin
For he may be she
But what I'm told is never for certain

{Bridge and Refrain}

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