ARTIST: Paul Estin
TITLE: Surreal Estate Broker
Lyrics and Chords

One day Salvador came to my office
He wanted to make a house purchase
All the homes that he'd seen were too normal for him
Sal wanted some help with his searches
So I showed him a house with its frame cut in half
It had clocks that would melt and were good for a laugh
Plus a yard with strange swans and a burning giraffe
So Sal, he was done with his searches

/ D - A7 - / - - D D7 / G - D - / A7 - D A7 /
     / D A7 D A7 / / D A7 D E7 / A7 - D D7 /

For I'm the Surreal Estate Broker;
Though you may think that he is a joker
I'll find the right place, with a strange use of space
'Cause he's the Surreal Estate Broker

/ G - D - / A7 D D7 / G - F#m7 B7 / Em A7 D - /

Then René came in through my shop entrance
He sought the right place to be dwelling in
He'd heard that I sold all the oddest abodes
"I know just the one," I was telling 'im
In the sky the sun shone, but the house was in night
René's bowler hat nearly blocked all his sight
I showed him the plumbing; he said, "That's not a pipe"
And soon, the house I was selling 'im

...Perhaps that René was a smoker...

Ceci n'est pas une pipe!        ...This is not a pipe!
Ceci n'est pas ma belle maison! ...This is not my beautiful house!
Ceci n'est pas ma belle femme!  ...This is not my beautiful wife!
Le même que c'était toujours!   ...Same as it ever was!
                                   Same as it ever was!
                                   Same as it ev-er was!

/ D D A / / / A A D /

The next buyer was Maurits Cornelis
His friends had sent him to my doorway
M.C. hoped that he'd find the right house from me
I said, "Sir, I have one that's made your way"
On all of the desks there were lizards to spare
When outside was inside, he was caught unaware
When he walked down the stairs, well, he walked UP the stairs
He said "Yes!" when the wall became floorway

Like René and Georgette Magritte after the war-way

...He holds all the cards playing poker...

...Max and Yves thought that he was a toker...

All my homes are insane and they may hurt your brain
He is the Sur-real Es-tate Bro-ker!

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