ARTIST: Talking Heads
TITLE: Stay Up Late
Lyrics and Chords

Mommy had a little baby
There he is, fast asleep
He's just a little plaything
Why not wake him up

/ A - G - / F - E - / :

Cute cute, little baby
Little fee-fee, little toes
Now he's comin' to me
Crawl across the kitchen floor

Baby, baby, please let me hold him
I wanna make him stay up all night
Sister, sister, he's just a plaything
We wanna make him stay up all night, yeah we do

/ A - G E / / / / (/ A - G - F - E - /)

See him drink from a bottle
See him eat from a plate
Cute cute, as a button
Don't you wanna make him stay up late

And we're having fun with no money
Little smile on his face
Don't you love the little baby
Don't you want to make him stay up late


All night long
Sister, sister, all night long
In the playpen, woo, all night long
Little baby goes, ha! all night long
Ah, I know you want to leave me, ha ha ha

/ A - AG A / : / A - - - A7 - /

Why don't we pretend
There you go, little man
Cute cute, why not
Late at night, wake him up

/ E - / / / /


Ha! all night long
Sister, sister, woo, put the television on
Little baby goes foo, all night long
Hey, hey, baby, all night long
And he looks so cute, all night long
In his little red suit, all night long
What's on, all night long
All night long (3x)

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