ARTIST: Terri Clark
TITLE: Sometimes Goodbye
Lyrics and Chords

I've got an ice-cold cup of coffee and a paper I haven't read
A canyon in my heart and a hammer in my head
And a waitress with an empty stare
That looks right through me

/ D - A - / Bm - G - / D - A - / Bm - - - /

I'm sitting at this table and I'm balancing the salt
Weighing out my choices, baby, it's nobody’s fault
And I'm torn up by these voices
Talking to me

You say there's no good reason for me to walk away
You say there's so much good between us who wouldn't want to stay
But how can I be with you if deep down I believe
I'll lose a part of me

/ A - - - / G - - - / A - - - / G - - - /

Sometimes goodbye is the only open door
I can't turn back when I know there's something more
I gotta find what my heart beats for

/ D A G D Bm - G - / D A G D Bm - A - / G - A - (D A G -) /

I've got a half of page of reasons and a napkin full of tears
From trying to pull my spirit through the pocket of my fears
As the lunch crowd empties out
Into the city

And there may not be a way for me to make you understand
I'll write down the words I'm feeling and I'll leave it in your hands
But the memories of our love
I'm taking with me

You say there's no good reason for me to walk away
You say we're meant to be together and I'm making a mistake
But this emptiness inside me has brought me to this road
And I have to let you go


For the passion everlasting
For the deepest dream
For a chance to love like that
There is no in between

/ Bm - G - / Bm - A - / :


Sometimes goodbye
What my heart beats for
Sometimes goodbye

/ D A G D / :

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