ARTIST: Fred Small
TITLE: Smile When You're Ready
Lyrics and Chords

Little girl in Mary Janes, you walked a fine line
Party braids and pinafores, "Thank you for the very nice time"
They didn't ask what you were thinking, they didn't want to know
All you wanted was to be loved so you put on a show

/ Emadd9 - G D / Emadd9 - C D / Bm - C G / Bm - C D /

But you can smile when you're ready, not a moment before
A refugee awakes at night to the sound of distant wars
Smile when you're ready no matter how long it takes
Your wounded heart will find its own saving grace

/ G D C G / Am Em AmAm7 D / G D Bm CD / GD CG AmD G - /

Toy guns and bloody noses, "Don't walk away from a fight"
"Faggot" jeers at the sign of tears, screw the lid on tight
So you never let 'em see you, you never laugh too loud
You're the man in the iron mask, you're a big boy now


Rain on the river, patches of blue
Just when a smile seems a million miles away, it'll sneak up on you

/ F - Em - / Bm Em C D - - /

Sometimes the people who hurt you don't leave you alone
Maybe they ask forgiveness, maybe they say, "Please come home"
Maybe they're just too ashamed to admit the things you say are true
You can love 'em, you can let 'em go, you know it's up to you, to


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