ARTIST: Joe Dolce
TITLE: Shaddap You Face
Lyrics and Chords

Uno, due, tre, quattro

When I was a boy just about the eight-a grade
Mama used to say, "Don't stay out-a late
With the bad-a boys, always shoot-a pool
Giuseppe going to flunk-a school"

/ E6 E E6 E / / B7 - - - / 1st /

Boy it make-a me sick, all the t'ing I gotta do
I can't-a-get-a no kicks, I always go to follow rules
Boy, it make-a me sick, just to make-a lousy bucks
Got to feelin' like a fool
And-a mama used to say all-a time

What's-a matter you, hey, gotta no respect
What-a you t'ink you do, why you look-a so sad
It's-a not so bad, it's-a nice-a place
Ah, shaddap you face

That's-a my mama, I can remember

Soon-a come a day gonna be a big-a star
Den I make-a TV shows and-a movies, get-a myself a new car
But still I be myself, I don't want-a to change a t'ing
Still a-dance and a-sing
I t'ink about-a mama, she used to say

{Refrain twice}

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