ARTIST: Gunther Anderson
TITLE: Sellin' All My Stuff on E-Bay
Lyrics and Chords

[To the tune of (Sittin' On the) Dock of the Bay, by Otis Redding]

Sittin' in my easy chair
I'll be sitting here 'til it ain't there
Watching the trucks roll in
And I watch 'em roll away again, I'm just

/ G B / C A / :

Sellin' all my stuff on e-Bay
Watching my life roll away
Sellin' all my stuff on e-Bay
Makin' mo-o-o-oney

/ G E / / G A / G E /

I sold my desk on Monday
Sold my Beanie Babies today
United Parcel loves me
But the drivers wish that I'd go away


Looks like nothing's goin' well
All my stuff just refuse to sell
But I can't quit, it's gotten into my blood
So I guess I'm in e-Bay Hell

/ GD C / / / F D /

I'm just sitting here testin' my nerve
And I wish I'd set a higher reserve
The two thousand bucks they bid
Don't seem like much to sell my youngest kid


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