TITLE: Sally Simpson
Lyrics and Chords

Outside the house Mr. Simpson announced
That Sally couldn't go to the meeting
He went on cleaning his blue Rolls Royce
And she ran inside weeping
She got to her room and tears splashed the picture
Of the new Messiah
She picked up a book of her fathers life
And threw it on the fire

/ C G7 / : / C G / 

She knew from the start
Deep down in her heart
She and Tommy were worlds apart
But her Mother said, never mind your part
Is to be what you'll be

/ F / / - G - / F C / D - G - / 

The theme of the sermon was come unto me
And love will find a way
So Sally decided to ignore her dad
And sneak out anyway
She spent all afternoon getting ready
And decided she'd try to touch him
Maybe he'd see that she was free
And talk to her this Sunday


She arrived at six and the place was swinging
To gospel music by nine
Group after group appeared on the stage
And Sally just sat there crying
She bit her nails looking pretty as a picture
Right in the very front row
Then a DJ wearing a blazer with a badge
Ran on and said, here we go

    The crowd went crazy
    As Tommy hit the stage
    Little Sally got lost as the police bossed
    The crowd back in a rage

    / D7 G / / D7 Em / A D - - /

Soon the atmosphere was cooler
And Tommy gave a lesson
Sally just had to let him know she loved him
And leapt up on the rostrum
She ran cross stage to the spot-lit figure
And brushed him on the face
Tommy whirled around as a uniformed man
Threw her of the stage


Her cheek hit a chair and blood trickled down
Mingling with her tears
Tommy carried on preaching
And his voice filled Sally's ear
She caught his eye she had to try
But he couldn't see through the lights
Her face was gashed and the ambulance men
Had to carry her out that night

    The crowd went crazy
    As Tommy left the stage
    Little Sally was lost for the price of a touch
    And a gash across her face, ooh

Sixteen stitches put her right and her Dad said
Don't say I didn't warn ya
Sally got married to a rock musician
She met in California
Tommy always talks about the day
The disciples all went wild
Sally still carries a scar on her cheek
To remind her of his smile


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