ARTIST: J. Bristol
TITLE: Play Ball
Lyrics and Chords

I've been waiting all day for the baseball game to come on
I'm in my easy chair, I got my old team colors on
I got my baseball cap, and my remote control
An extra-large pizza and I'm ready to roll

/ G D G D / / Em - / C D - / 

Play ball!  I just want to play
Whatever the inning, whoever is winning
It's all the same
Play ball!  I just want to say
Whatever the season, whatever the reason
I love that game

/ G - C G / C G C Em / C D - /
   / 1st, 2nd / D G - - /

Well it's a Sunday morning in the park at the edge of town
Me and the boys are just tossing the ball around
Well a friend brings a bat, and as strange as it seems
In no time flat we got a couple of teams


Now I could play ball for anybody
If I'm inclined
Because it's just call for everybody
To have a good time

/ G - C G / Em - C - / 1st / Em - D - / 

I guess you could say I'm the world's biggest baseball fan
And if I had my way, I'd just spend my life in the stands
So you don't forget, the plain truth is
Life doesn't get any better than this

{Refrain, then refrain ending with}
It's America's game

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