ARTIST: Romanovsky and Phillips
TITLE: Paint By Numbers
Lyrics and Chords

A teenage girl makes headlines in the Seattle news
For questioning religion in 1932
Frances Farmer was her name, she had ideas in her head
They tried to stop her crazy dreams, she never heard a word they said
When they told her

/ Em - D - / Em - D - / B - Em - / C - B B7 /

Paint by numbers, color in the lines
March in rhythm never out of time
Paint by numbers, walk in single file
Learn the system, conform to the style

/ Em Am / / / Em Am Em B7 /

To Hollywood she traveled to be an actress there
And everyone was dazzled by her beauty and her flair
But Frances wasn't satisfied with all the money and the fame
They tried to teach her all the rules but she refused to play the game
When they told her


But that's not how Picasso painted
That's not how Beethoven played
They rearranged tradition and history was made
That's not how Picasso painted
That's not how Beethoven played
They dared to be different and did it their own way, their own way

/ Em / D / C BB7 / Em / D / C B Am Em /

They locked away poor Frances, told her she was insane
And shocked her with the treatments that slowly killed her brain
But her spirit lives with me and that is why I sing this song
'Cause when a brilliant mind is put away my senses tell me something's wrong
When they tell you


That's not how Picasso painted!

/ Em /

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