ARTIST: America
TITLE: Only in Your Heart
Lyrics and Chords

Mary, have you seen better days
And will you find different ways
And does he really mean that much to your heart
Carry all of the weight you can
Find another man
And lead him directly there to the source
You've got to chart his course

/ G - / Am7 - / G - Dm C / : / Dm C / 

'Cause it is only in your heart
This thing that makes you want to start it all again
La da da da, la da da da

/ G - / Am7 - / G - Am7 - /

Wake up from an elusive dream
You've got to change the scene
It's gettin' so hard to see to the end
Break down all of the walls you can
You need a helping hand
I'm sure there's someone there just for you
He's trying to make it too

{Refrain twice (end second with only one "La da...")}

You can't disregard your friends
But life gets so hard when you reach the end

/ Bm - Am - / /

Mary, have you seen better days (8x)

/ G - Am7 - /

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