ARTIST: Geoff Bartley
TITLE: One Kind Word
Lyrics and Chords

Words & music copyright by Geoff Bartley 1997. Published by Joshua Omar's Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.
Fingerpicked in standard tuning, key of G, with a C harmonica. On the CD
One Kind Word.

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Now I know a man, he never says a word 
But he strums his old Gibson and sings like a bird
The dreams in his head, they’re almost gone
The times keep changin' as the years wear on

/ G - C - / D - G - / G GF C - / D - G - /

And it don't take much to wag my tail
Give me hard-boiled eggs, a little beer in a pail
You've got to work pretty hard to drive me away
But one kind word, and I will stay

/ C - G - / D - G - / FC C G - / D - G - /

So I ride in my car, travel all around
Get up on the stage here in your town
I used to chase all the women, and I guess I still do
But love is best when it's tender and true  


Now I'm up all night and I sleep all day 
People ask me how I live that way
Well I don't call it livin', I call it just gettin' by
If I had the ambition, I'd be a hell of a guy

{As refrain}
And I'm about half-crazy, at the end of my chain
Nobody knows how I stand the strain
If you treat me hard, I might turn mean
I'm at my best when the times get lean


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