ARTIST: Gunther Anderson
TITLE: My Patronus
Lyrics and Chords

to the tune of My Sharona by the Knack

Can I get it off, get it off, can I get it off
Do I have the time to cast my Patronus

/ G - - - / - - C CBb / 

Dementors all around, coming down, tryin' to take me out
Tryin' hard to feed on my mind, Patronus

I see a glowing stag, what a drag, I must be seeing things
Antlers on his head, I must be dead, or could it really be
My, my, my, my!

/ G - - - / Bb - - - / C CEb Eb - / 

M-m-my dad's Patronus?

/ G - - - / - - C CBb /

Hermione and me... we're gonna see
Gonna see if it was really my dad's Patronus

She's got an hour glass, what a lass, got it for her class
It's gonna take us backwards in time, Patronus

Dementors coming down to the ground and we're there at last
I'm cutting it too close waiting for that ghost, I'd better cast 

My, my, my, my!

M-m-m-my Patronus!
M-m-m-my Patronus!

... / C CEb Eb F G - - - / / 

Lupin showed me how to put 'em down with a chocolate bar
All it takes is one happy mind, Patronus

They said I was too young... and too high-strung
But wouldn't they be really surprised, Patronus

Dementors in the air, running scared, got 'em really bad
I never would have thought what I got looks just like my dad

My, my, my, my!

M-m-m-my Patronus!
M-m-m-my Patronus!

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