ARTIST: Shenanigan
TITLE: Muruche
Lyrics and Chords

By the water walks a maid
Singing to the seals
Dressed in rags, her hair unbound
And madness in her dwells

/ Dm - C - / Dm C Dm - / Bb - C - / Am - Bb - /

   In her arms, a seal skin hide
   Wrapped 'round bones of white
   Tenderly to her phantom child
   She croons a eerie lullaby

   / Dm - G - / Bb C Am - / C - Am - / Dm C Dm - /

Muruche, your cradle is the sea
Muruche, I hear your siren call to me
Muruche, your selkie song enchants my soul
Muruche, my weeping heart you stole

/ G - - - F - Dm - / Bb - - - Am - Dm - /
   / G - - - Am - Bb - / - - - - Am - Bb - /

He came to me out of the waves
The moonlight in his hair
The stars reflected in his eyes
His skin, so white and fair

   And with his dark and tender voice
   Beguiling words did sing
   For a selkie's song enchants the soul
   In all Earth, there's no sweeter thing

Each night I'd lie upon my bed
Until I heard his call
And softly I would slip away
Along the darkened hall

   And down beside the singing waves
   I'd lie there in his arms
   Drowning in his liquid eyes
   My heart like a raging storm

The daylight hours I soon did spend
Yearning for the night
The days all seemed but passing dreams
I could not bear the light

   I left the bonny lad
   I should have married come the spring
   I left my home and family
   For a selkie, I left everything

One moonlit night the villagers
Followed me from town
They found me with my selkie love
And they did shoot him down

   And so from my sweet lover's bones
   A cradle shall I build
   A mantle of a soft seal skin
   I'll wrap my selkie baby in


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