ARTIST: Jim Infantino
TITLE: Meanies

Now, bad is bad, and good is good
And if you don't think like you should
You're a meany

And meanies bite your head off
Don't let the meanies bit your head off (4x)

Well, right is right, and wrong is wrong
And me and the meanies just don't get a long
And that's the reason that I wrote this song
Against the meanies


Now, goodies like us, we have to stick tight
And tell ourselves that we are right
Because it's them we have to fight
To make it safe to sleep at night
And meanies, they can be so sneaky too
They'll try to get you to see their point of view
But we'll stay good and they'll stay bad
And when they're dead I'll be so glad
Because they're meanies

And {Refrain}

Meanies do evil things
Some are crooks and some are kings
One's a taxi driver and another one sings
One only wanted a one night fling
And in history, meanies had us digging their ditches
And those meany women, they're just... well
One of them bit me and gave me seventeen stitches
And my roommate bugs me to do the dishes
Meanies never listen to a word I said
We should all go bite 'em in the head
Because they're meanies


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