TITLE: Long Live Rock
Lyrics and Chords

[ Cadd9 = x32033 ; G = 320033 ]

Down at the Astoria the scene was changing
Bingo and rock were pushing out x-rating
We were the first band to vomit in the bar
And find the distance to the stage too far
Meanwhile, it's getting late at ten o'clock
Rock is dead, they say
Long live rock

/ A - / / D - / A - / E - / FG D / A - /


Long live rock, I need it every night
Long live rock, come on and join the line
Long live rock
Be it dead or alive

/ A - - - / D - A - / F D / A - - - / 

People walk in sideways pretending that they're leavin'
We put on our makeup and work out all the lead-ins
Jack is in the alley selling tickets made in Hong Kong
Promoter's in the pay box wondering where the band's gone
Back in the pub the governor stops the clock
Rock is dead, they say, long live rock                                                                     


Landslide, rocks are falling
Falling down around our very heads
We tried but you were yawning
Look again
Rock is dead
Rock is dead
Rock is dead

/ E DA / / / E D / Cadd9 - / G* - / A - - - /

The place is really jumping to the Hiwatt amps
'Til a twenty-inch cymbal fell and cut the lamps
In the blackout they danced right into the aisle
And as the doors fly open even the promoter smiles
Someone takes his pants off and the rafters knock
Rock is dead, they say, long live rock, long live rock, long live rock

{As Refrain}
Long live rock (5x)


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