Lyrics and Chords

Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling
Give me, whoa-oh, all your love
Your hands build me up when I'm sinking
Touch me and my troubles all fade

/ D - C - / / / D - G BbA / 

Lady, from the moment I saw you
Standing, whoa-oh, all alone
You gave all the love that I needed
So shy, like a child who had grown

You're my lady of the morning
Love shines in your eyes
Sparkling, clear and lovely
You're my lady

/ D - C - / / / D BbA /

Lady, turn me on when I'm lonely
Show me, whoa-oh, all your charms
Evenings, when you lay down beside me
Take me gently into your arms

{Refrain twice}

... / D - - - /

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