ARTIST: Jerry Herman
TITLE: La Cage Aux Folles
Lyrics and Chords

[La Cage Aux Folles]

[ Bdim7 = xx0101 ; Cdim7 = xx1212 ; C#dim7 = xx2323 ; Capo 3 ]

It's rather gaudy but it's also rather grand
And while the waiter pads your cheek he'll kiss your hand
The clever gigolos romance the wealthy matrons
At La Cage Aux Folles

/ Gm9 - Am7 Cdim7 / Gm9 - - G7 / Cm - C7 - / Gm Gm6 Am7 D7 /

It's slightly "forties" and a little bit "new wave"
You may be dancing with a girl who needs a shave
Where both the riff-raff and the royalty are patrons
At La Cage Aux Folles

... / G7 G6 Am7 D7 /

   La Cage Aux Folles, the maitre d' is dashing
   Cage Aux Folles, the hat-check girl is flashing
   We import the drinks that you buy
   So the Perrier is Canada Dry

   / G G6 G F# / Am F D9 - / Bm E9 Am7 - / C#dim7 - D7 - / 

Eccentric couples always punctuate the scene
A pair of eunuchs and a nun with a marine
To feel alive you get a limousine to drive you
To La Cage Aux Folles

... / C#dim7 D7 Gm9 - /

It's bad and beautiful, it's bawdy and bizarre
I know a duchess who got pregnant at the bar
Just who is who and what is what is quite the question
At La Cage Aux Folles

Go for the mystery, the magic and the mood
Avoid the hustlers and the men's room and the food
For you get glamour and romance and indigestion
At La Cage Aux Folles

   La Cage Aux Folles, a St. Tropez tradition
   Cage Aux Folles, you'll lose each inhibition 
   All week long we're wondering who
   Left a green Givenchy gown in the loo

You go alone to have the evening of your life
You meet your mistress and your boyfriend and your wife
It's a bonanza, it's a mad extravaganza
At La Cage Aux Folles

/ Gm9 - Am7 Cdim7 / Gm9 - - Bdim7 / Cm Ab Cm7 - / Eb7 D7 Gm - /

You cross the threshold and your bridges have been burned
The bar is cheering for the duchess has returned
The mood's contagious
You can bring your whole outrageous entourage
It's so amazing, effervescent, and eclectic
At La Cage Aux Folles

/ Gm9 - - Cdim7 / Gm9 - - Bdim7 / Cm7 Ab / 
   / Cm6 - Bdim7 - G7 - / Cm Cm7 - - / 
   / Eb7 - Cdim7 - Gm9 - Gm - /

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