ARTIST: Trad and Anon
TITLE: Jug Band Music
Lyrics and Chords

You know, way down yonder in Memphis Tennessee, man
The jug band music sounds sweet to me
Sounds so sweet, it's hard to beat
Jug band music certainly was a treat to me

/ A - / A7 - / D - A - / E D A - / 

I heard the boys playing the other day
You know those boys drove my blues away
Sounds so sweet...

I went hone, turned on my radio
Jug band music made me stomp the floor / Sounds so sweet...

You know that old lady down there, you know, sitting on a rock
Had a 40 dollar razor trying to shave that knot / Sounds...

I told those people way across that hall
I'm playing this piece and you know that's all / Sounds...

Now run here, doctor, won't you run here quick
All I want is trying to get my ham-bone fixed / Sounds...

I was with my gal, put my hand on her knee
She said, "If you don't play the jug, you can't play with me" / Sounds...

Then I took off my socks, I took off my shoes
I jumped all night to the jug band blues / Sounds...

I heard the boys play the other day
You know those boys drove my blues away / Sounds...

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