ARTIST: Gunther Anderson and Donna Dubé
TITLE: Housewarming
Lyrics and Chords

You walk through the doorway
And look down the hallway
The empty rooms echo your gentle hello
It's a new place for living
And old friends for caring
And good wine for drinking and warming your soul

/ C - / F - / C - - G / 1st / 2nd / C G - C /

  When the sun rise to meet you
  May your home rise to greet you
  At the end of a weary and dusty old road
  With a warm fire burning
  Your thoughts will be turning
  Away from your troubles to rest in your home

  / F - / C - / G - C - / 1st / 2nd / G - - C (F C) /

When the long journey calls you
You'll carry within you
Some piece of your homestead wherever you go
And your house will be waiting
And patiently counting
The days and the hours until you come home


Good fortune has found you
With friends gathered 'round you
Who'll stand by your shoulder and keep you from harm
And castle or hovel
We'll open a bottle
And toast to the home that has you in its arms


  And it's all in the feeling
  Four walls and a ceiling
  Are never enough for to make you a home
  But with good friends and laughter
  From rafter to rafter
  You know you belong here wherever you roam

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