ARTIST: Frank Loesser and Hoagy Carmichael
TITLE: Heart and Soul
Lyrics and Chords

Heart and soul, I fell in love with you
Heart and soul, the way a fool would do
Madly, because you held me
Tight, and stole a kiss in the night

/ F Dm7 Gm7 C7 / :

Heart and soul, I begged to be adored
Lost control, and tumbled overboard
Gladly, that magic night we
Kissed, there in the moon mist

... / F - - F7 /

   Oh! but your lips were thrilling
   Much too thrilling
   Never before were mine so
   Strangely willing

   / Bb A7 D7 G7 / C7 F7 E7 A7 / 1st / C7 F7 E7 C7 /

But now I see what one embrace can do
Look at me, it's got me loving you
Madly, that little kiss you
Stole held all my heart and soul

... / A7 D7 Gm G7C7 / ( / F Dm7 Gm7 C7 / / )

{Repeat all, finish on F }

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