ARTIST: Dave Carter
TITLE: Happytown
Lyrics and Chords

Beat down, misdirected, cropped short and sized to fit
Honey if we're still connected, I could really use a hit
I am not lookin' for a key to open every door
Just a pillow on your floor where we can sit

/ D - G A / / Bm G Bm G / - D Asus4 A /

Here in the shining city, here in the endless summer
Here in the cave of wonder, number ninety-two
The sky of never-was was never quite this blue
But it's all right, it's all right with me if it's all right with you

/ D Bm G A / / Bm G D E7 / GD EC G Asus4 D - G A / 

Guru child on glory mountain, waitin' patient, turtle wise
Twenty years of bliss and countin', trips and riddles in his eyes
He says the primal quest ain't nothin' but a second guess
Sometimes you just do your best to compromise

...The book is empty from the sparrow's point of view...

Shootin' fools and starry gazers, wizard hip and button down
I walk the Occam's razor way through priests and circus clowns
Am I a missioner of faith or grace or vision or
Another grinning prisoner of Happytown

...We chase the shadows of the chosen and the few...

So strap me in, I'm going clear, I'm turnin' circles 'round the sun
The Fisher King is here, but he is not the only one
Parsifal and Valentino ridin' winged palominos
Willy in his El Camino, on the run

...The gods will lounge around until the show is through...

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