ARTIST: Hoyt Axton
TITLE: Greenback Dollar
Lyrics and Chords

Some people say I'm no count
Others say I'm no good
But I'm just a natural born traveling man
Doin' what I think I should, oh Lord
Doin' what I think I should

/ Em - G - / / C7 - G - / D - Em - / /

And I don't give a damn about a greenback dollar
Spend it fast as I can
But a wailing song and a good guitar
The only thing that I understand, poor boy
The only thing that I understand

/ G C G C / / / D - Em - / / 

When I was a little baby
My mama said hey son
Travel where you will and learn to be a man
And sing what must be sung, poor boy
Sing what must be sung


Now that I've grown to be a man
I've traveled here and there
I've learned that a bottle of brandy and a song
The only ones who ever cared, poor boy
The only one's who ever cared


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