ARTIST: Lui Collins
TITLE: Gold Upon the Trees
Lyrics and Chords

Intro: / A D DE A /

The leaves are turning golden, the autumn call is heard
And I'd be going south now if I only were a bird
But I live in New England, it's here I found my voice
Though I sometimes think of leaving, I know I stay by choice

/ A D E A / / / /

I mourn the summer's ending, the loon call in the morn
The moon upon the water, the fire on the shore
But the children have gone back to school, cold winds will blow in soon
For the summer days have fallen, it's the time of harvest moon

Harvest moon in New England, and the nights are crisp and cold
But have you seen the sunshine? It's a glory to behold
Late afternoon it slants in and touches on the leaves
There is treasure in the autumn light, gold upon the trees
There is treasure in the autumn light, gold upon the trees

/ D A E A / D A D E / F#m C#m D E / A D E A / / 

My garden never did produce, it's overgrown with weeds
I barely gave it any time after I sowed the seeds
There's plenty in the orchard, we'll eat well anyway
And my harvest for the summer need not be stored away

For I have grown much stronger, and clearer every day
My feet upon the ground now in a very different way
My blossoms are the songs I've written all throughout the year
My fruit I give unto you, to bring you winter cheer

{Refrain twice, skipping the first repeat of "treasure in the autumn light"}

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