ARTIST: Leah Zicari
TITLE: Glory, Glory
Lyrics and Chords

[ Ebdim7 = xx1212 ]

Mine eyes have seen the glory
Of the coming out of queers
Homophobes have trampled on our rights
They've done so out of fear
We have loosed our rising anger
And now it's plainly clear
That gays are marching on

/ G - / / C - / G - / / Ebdim7 Em / C D G D /

Glory, glory I'm a lesbian
Glory, glory I'm a gay man
Glory, glory I'm a homosexual
I am truth marching on

In our homes and on street corners
We have been condemned to die
We were murdered in the Holocaust
By Hitler and his lies
AIDS is killing all our people
Whom the government denies
But gays keep marching on


In the beauty of our loving
We have let ourselves be free
We will heal our wounds through justice
For all humanity
We will not deny our freedom or our sexuality
We will keep marching on


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