ARTIST: Gunther Anderson and Donna Dubé
TITLE: Freedom To
Lyrics and Chords

When a man cries out for freedom, I ask him what he means
Is it comfort, is it safety, or the right to make his dreams
'Cause freedom to and freedom from are very different things
One sets you to flying, the other clips your wings

/ Em D C - / Em D C D / G D C D / Em D G - /

  Freedom to love and freedom to hate
  Freedom to run and freedom to wait
  Freedom to laugh and freedom to cry
  Freedom to live and freedom to die

  / CD G / / / Em D C - /

Don't give me freedom from anger, or freedom from pain
My life will be a desert if you take away the rain
Don't give me freedom from want, or freedom from strife
You'll leave me nothing to hope for but freedom from life

  Freedom to give and freedom to take
  Freedom to sleep and freedom to wake
  Freedom to win and freedom to lose
  Freedom for my whole life to choose

Are we lying in our gilded cage, spoon-fed from above
When angry words are outlawed, will there still be room for love
Are we so afraid of passions that we'd banish them instead
Are we closer now to heaven or just closer now to dead

  Freedom to try and freedom to fail
  Freedom to fall from mountains we scale
  Freedom to begin and freedom to end
  Whether you're an enemy or friend

  / CD G / / / Em D G - /

  Freedom to know and freedom to say
  Freedom to work and freedom to play
  Freedom to sing and freedom to shout
  Freedom that I can't live without

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