ARTIST: James Rado
TITLE: Frank Mills
Lyrics and Chords


[ D#dim7 = xx1212 ]

I met a boy called Frank Mills
On September 12th right here in front of the Waverly
But unfortunately I lost his address

/ A E / F#m D A / Bm7 E7 A / 

He was last seen with his friend
A drummer, he resembles George Harrison of the Beatles
But he wears his hair tied in a small bow at the back 

... / Bm7E7 AD A /

I love him, but it embarrasses me
To walk down the street with him
He lives in Brooklyn somewhere
And wears this white crash helmet
He has golden chains on his leather jacket
And on the back are written the names
Mary and Mom and Hell's Angels

/ Em7A7 D / D#dim7 A / C#mD#m7 G#7C#7 / F#7B7 EE7 / 
   / A A7 / D D#dim7A / C#m F#m D A / 

I would gratefully appreciate it
If you see him tell him
I'm in the park with my girlfriend
And please
Tell him Angela and I
Don't want the two dollars back
Just him

/ A E / F#m D / A Bm7 / E7sus4 E7 / A E / F#m D / E7 A /

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