ARTIST: I. Taylor and W. Lava
TITLE: F-Troop
Lyrics and Chords

[Television Theme Song]

The end of the Civil War was near
When quite accidentally
A hero who sneezed abruptly seized
Retreat, and reversed it to victory

/ D - / - C / D - / C - D - / 

His medal of honor pleased and thrilled
His proud little family group
While pinning it on some blood was spilled
And so it was planned he command F-Troop

   Where Indian fights are colorful sights
   And nobody takes a lickin'
   Where pale-face and red-skin
   Both turn chicken

   / G D / G F#m / G D / G A /

When drilling and fighting get them down
They know their morale can't droop
As long as they all relax in town
Before they resume with a bang and a boom

... / C - - - D - /

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