ARTIST: Terri Clark
TITLE: Empty
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 2]

Maybe it's been a little too long
Holding it in, trying to be strong
Funny the things we bottle up
Come streaming out when you feel enough
There is a trust the cautious will lack
And now that we've touched there's no holding back

/ A - E - / F#m - D - / : / Bm - E - / / 

I wanna call out for love till I can't breathe
I wanna stare at the truth till I can't see
I wanna pour out my soul till I'm empty, empty

/ A E Bm D / / A E Bm - D - A - /

When only flesh and bone remain
I'll hold you close then start again
Feeling nothing but a sweet release
Then the ghosts are gone from inside of me
I've tried to fight it but what can I do
There's something deeper that surrenders to you


When I touch you, when I hear you
How can I doubt when every time I'm near you

/ F#m - C#m - / D - A E - /


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