ARTIST: Romanovsky and Phillips
TITLE: Emotional Rollercoaster
Lyrics and Chords

Life with you's an endless playground
So many games from which to choose
But it don't fill me with childish joy
It only brings me the blues

/ G - Bm - / C D G - / Em - Bm - / C - D7 - / 

I used to think stability would only make us dull
But your moods are so erratic that I'd welcome such a lull
And I don't know how much of this my fragile heart can take
I'm not as strong as you may think and one day I could break

/ G Em C D / / C D G Em / A - D - /

Because you've got me on an Emotional Rollercoaster
You lift me up, you bring me down
And all the time my heart is spinning 'round and 'round and 'round
But it still feels better than being alone on the ground

/ G Bm C D G Bm / C D EmBm G - / C Cm G C / G CD /

Life with you is never boring
It's more like Disneyland
Though the thrills are only momentary
You could never call it bland

One day you say you love me and your passion rings so true
And the next day you ignore me or you tell me that we're through
Each time I think you're gone for good but you keep coming back
I cannot take much more of this before I'm gonna crack

...And all because you're drooling over some new boy you've found...

... / G CD G D /

Wah-ooh, shoo-bop shoo-bop, shoo-bop, shoo-bop, ooh
Wah-ooh, shoo-bop shoo-bop, shoo-bop, shoo-bop, ooh

/ G Bm C D / /

Already it's been going on for way too long a time
If I take any more of this I know I'll lose my mind

/ C D G Em / A - D - /

[Modulate up one fret]

...And all it takes is one kind word to turn my heart around...

Life with you can be a funhouse
Other times it frightens me
I never know just what is coming next
My Coney Island fantasy

But I'm hoping there will be a change
One day very soon
And we'll sail into the Tunnel of Love
Beneath a crescent moon

/ G Em / C D / :

...And all the time my heart is spinning 'round and 'round and 'round...


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